Charters of Freedom Book Publishers

(COFBP) was formed by a group of literary enthusiasts with a background in history, law, religion and socio-political studies, as a platform for non-fiction authors and consumers in search of non-fiction books foundational to the Charters of Freedom* and Liberty. COFBP accepts fresh manuscript submissions from both accomplished and aspiring new authors for review and consideration. We also re-publish ancient materials removed from circulation many years ago, but more relevant than ever in the effort to protect and preserve the Charters of Freedom. COFBP will also resell already published materials which COFBP deems supportive of our fundamental goal to educate current and future generations in the foundations of freedom. COFBP offers real book publishing contracts, editing and marketing support that in the past, has only been available to a select few by the major print publishers.

We believe that the future of a Constitutional Republic is in the hands of the people, but that the people who must be forever vigilant in defense of freedom and liberty, can only keep that charge when fully and properly informed and educated in the basic foundations of freedom and liberty.

We hope that every product offered by COFBP will become a centerpiece on every coffee table or a staple in every personal American library… Thank you for visiting Charters of Freedom Book Publishers.

The Charters of Freedom are three documents: The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These three documents alone are the foundations of freedom and liberty.

Photo taken by Kelvin Kay | Flickr CC

Rotunda for the charters of Freedom at National Archives (NARA) building in Washington, D.C.