“Donald Trump is the result of a movement.”— J.B. Williams


August 24th, 2016 “TRUMPED” author, JB Williams

was interviewed by Graham Ledger on the One America News Networks Daily Ledger Show. Ledger discussed the new book TRUMPED, which is receiving rave reviews from readers across the country. Unlike other books on this election, this one is not a cheerleading book for any campaign or candidate… It is a no-holds-barred exposé on why 2016 is an election bigger than any candidate…

Trumped: The New American Revolution, published by Charters of Freedom Books--https://www.cofbooks.com

What Readers Have To Say About ‘Trumped’

“Unlike multitudes of other books with similar titles, this one is not about Donald Trump as a man or as a candidate. Rather, it presents a meticulously researched look at the forces that have driven our country to the point at which only a total outsider can even hope to pull our republic out of its ever-escalating downward spiral. If you value your freedom, read this book!” — 5 out of 5 stars, Amazon.com

“…With your book, Trumped, The New American Revolution, you hit the ball out of the park. As you stated, your book is not about an endorsement of a single person or a single candidacy. It is about a movement. A movement not created by Donald Trump but advanced, embraced, and promoted by Donald Trump. It is about the awakening of the silent majority to the fact that our beloved constitutional republic is and has been under attack. An attack from within our borders, from within our three branches of federal government, and from within our major news corporations.
It is also a bugle call to action; a call for the silent majority to be silent no more. A call for that no-longer-silent majority to stand together to peacefully restore our once great nation to its former greatness and glory. I urge all patriots to buy the book; read the book; spread the word; and join the movement. Together we, the people, will Make America Great Again! God bless you both, God bless us all, and God bless America.” —J. Walker

“I received my copy in the afternoon on Tuesday and started it later that day. I finished two thirds of it by the evening and got up early and completed it in the morning. The thrust that Trump has given to the “silent majority” to get involved is clearly spelled out. As explained, the book is not about Trump, but how he happened to be in the right place at the right time to galvanize the silent to get involved. The admonishment in the last three paragraphs to those who have decided to “sit this one out” is a powerful indictment of non-action! This is a must read for those who are not aware of what has happened to our country, while most of us have not been paying attention. Don’t hesitate, get your copy now and get involved in saving our republic!! Dear friends, we are the only remaining option” —R. Bremer

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