VIDEO: ‘The Media Got TRUMPED’ With Cliff Kincaid & J.B. Williams

Streamed live on Nov 9, 2016, via Youtube, the day after the 2016 Presidential Election.

J.B. Williams, co-author of TRUMPED: The New American Revolution, discusses the election results and what comes next.

Cliff Kincaid:
What an earthquake. The media got everything wrong. They say it’s a great upset by Trump, but I think we can beg to disagree with that…because you know my guest, the co-author of the book, TRUMPED: The New American Revolution, J.B. Williams. And I think J.B. saw this coming and you know after I read his book and started taking a look at the Trump phenomenon, around the country, seeing how many Trump signs there were around Pennsylvania, seeing how many tens of thousands of people Trump was drawing around the country—you know, I expected a Trump victory, myself.

Now, look, I didn’t write it down … but I predicted a Trump win. I thought he was going to get over 300 Electoral votes. Now he’s not quite there yet, but I think there’s maybe one or two states still out, technically, officially. They haven’t quote, “called them,” and he may get up close to 300, but the point is, he won. And it’s not really an upset if you knew anything about what was happening in the grassroots and of course that’s why my guest, J.B. Williams, has co-authored this book several months ago. We talked to him on America’s Survival TV about it, and we brought him back because he deserves credit for having his finger on the pulse of the American People. J.B., thanks for coming on the show again.

J.B. Williams:
Always a pleasure, Cliff.

Cliff Kincaid:
Now J.B., what was your feeling watching the results come in Tuesday night? Did you think he was going to pull it off? What was going through your mind?

J.B. Williams:
Well, there were a few different things, actually. One, I do what I do, you do what you’ve done, for many years.

I think probably the same reasons—and that’s because we have kids. We may not be such great patriots if we didn’t have children. We’d have to do other things with our lives if we didn’t have kids and grandkids to think about. So the first thing I was thinking was what a great sense of relief because I had told my kids, years ago, that what people in our generation were working on today that took us away from our kids a lot of the time, over the years and interrupted family time, way too often. And actually cost financial losses and the likes along the way as well. What we were doing, they were likely to have to finish in their generation what we started in ours … and we hoped that at some point in some fashion that we would at least turn the corner in this country and begin the restoration of the Constitutional Republic, before it became time to hand over the reins to our kids—that we could hand them a better country than was otherwise going to be left to them. And so, I felt really a great sense of relief last night, as I watched the results come in—not only because I was watching unfold—in real time, exactly what we had written about in TRUMPED. Which, on a personal level is very gratifying, but more importantly than that, I felt a sense of relief that maybe we were about to turn the corner in this country and be able to hand our children a better country than we otherwise might have.

Cliff Kincaid:
Well, he’s won the election, we know that, and Hillary Clinton has been, quote, “gracious,” Barack Obama has been gracious in his remarks, but you know there might be a reason for that. I’ve sent out a newsletter today, J.B., through that Obama is being gracious because perhaps he knows that once Trump gets in there, as President, he can reinstitute a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. And, he may just want to order his Justice Department to begin a criminal investigation of Barack Obama. Because now we know, Obama used the same illegal private server that Hillary did—and Obama communicated with Hillary—Obama did, under a pseudonym. Under a fake name. And of course, there’s a lot of speculation on the Conservative side that Comey realized that if you go after Hillary, you have to go after Obama. Because they were both in on it, together—they both engaged in criminal activities.

And I guess this leads to my next question, J.B., yeah we can say we overcame all this media bias, but you know, getting an election victory—he’s not in office yet—is not the same as saving the country. What in your view should he do first? What can he do? What would you recommend?

J.B. Williams:
Well, first of all I thought his speech was, well…PERFECT. His acceptance speech last night was perfect. I think it’s very important that he reach out, even to those who didn’t support him. You know, one of the other thoughts I had the other night was even they (Hillary Clinton team) won last night, it’s just going to take them some time to realize it. Their candidate lost the race, but if they care about this country and if they care about the lives of their children, they won last night, too—it’s just going to take them awhile to get there, I think. So that’s one thing. I think his acceptance speech was right on target to even reach out to those who were slow, at best, to come along, to get on the “Trump Train.”

Number two, he’s taking over the reins in January to a country that’s in very difficult circumstances—in a world that is also in very difficult circumstances. So, you know you have to be a little insane to even want this job, in my opinion and especially at this point in history. But setting the right tone, to be able to work with the members of congress, which fortunately we hung on to a Republican-controlled, both chambers (of Congress). That’s a huge thing and very important for him to be able to move his agenda along. I think one of the first things he’s going to have to do, honestly, is fill Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. And I think that choice is going to send a signal to everyone—the people that support him and the people who didn’t—of what kind of Presidency he is actually going to run. I talked to this in another interview. Running for office is different than governing once you win an office. He said a lot of things, as every politician does, but now we have to see how he’s actually going to govern.

And when it comes to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama—and people like that, and there will be many others, probably Loretta Lynch, as well…for her actions. I do think it’s important , one of the things I think has to happen is that we do have to return to the rule of law. We do have to hold people accountable for their actions—especially in public office. We have to do that. If you want the American people to respect authority in their government once it’s elected.

If you want competence in your elected officials, you have to hold them accountable when they do things that they shouldn’t be doing. Especially if it broaches the area of treason or espionage—which some of that does with the certain persons you’re talking about… On one hand, I believe that has to happen, on the other hand, I don’t think Donald Trump, himself, needs to play prosecutor, here. I don’t think it needs to be a matter of vengeance of any kind, on his part. What he needs to do is simply say, “We’re going to drain the swamp,” and that’s not just in the White House, not just in the Congress, not just in the courts, it’s also in these agencies where there are people who have been running cover for corruption for far too long. Also, in the media that’s been running cover for this corruption for too long. And so, there’s a lot of swamp to drain here—but I think the tone he has to set is there is a rule of law. What he’s going to do is what the Obama administration has not done. And that is take the White House boot off the necks of these agencies and allow them legitimate investigations…arrive at wherever the evidence leads them, and proceed accordingly, as a matter of the rule of law. I think he has to do that the people who voted for him and came out, the quote-unquote “Silent Majority” will lose faith in him.

Cliff Kincaid:
I think he’s got to get to the bottom of this criminal enterprise and criminal activity—Hillary, Barack Obama himself, Loretta Lynch—and we can throw out a bunch of other issues and finally get to the bottom of the illegal targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS. You know, we haven’t had anybody held to account , in fact, the House of Representatives is proceeding with plans to impeach the current IRS Commissioner, because he has been stone-walling. So, there are so many things that have to be done. You saw this wave coming.…again, we’re talking to J.B. Williams. What is the website were we can get this book, J.B.?

J.B. Williams:
Yes, you can get the book at, or they can get it at Amazon or Kindle format. It’s at NewsWithViews Bookstore, and other bookstores as well. So, it’s not hard to find. We prefer for people get it direct from the publisher, because the publisher is building an online bookstore of works similar to that. They’re focused on works that are important to how to rebuild and restore this great Republic of ours…

Cliff Kincaid:
I strongly recommend to order TRUMPED: The New American Revolution. You saw this coming. J.B., you should be on all these major media programs—you ought to be on FoxNews, MSNBCNews, on all these national radio shows. Instead, what we’re getting today from the same old talking heads, “Oh my gosh, an upset! We’re surprised! Why were the polls wrong? They talk among themselves, they talk to each other, they miss the big story. You know, you have documented it, you have seen this coming with TRUMPED. I saw it, too, read your book and started looking into it.

Anyone who would watch these rallies, like for instance,, which covered all the rallies and showed the crowds could see that Trump was tapping a nerve! I mean, he was getting TENS OF THOUSANDS of people and by contrast, I saw reporters finally admitting, “Yeah, there was a big divide here.”

There was also a big contrast between the Trump rallies and the Hillary rallies. Hillary could only get a bunch of people there at the end by bringing up Beyoncé, Jay-z, Bruce Springsteen. In Cleveland, it was LeBron James, the basketball star, Katy Perry—but they weren’t turning out for Hillary. Anyone with two eyes to see could see there was something here with the Trump phenomenon. And yet our media, so blind, and yet, even today there are a lot of nice things being said in the media, “Wow, what a tremendous achievement Trump made—or what a tremendous breakthrough!”

But look, I want to tell you what I think and I want your thoughts on it. I think that despite the quote “gracious remarks” from Hillary and Obama and the rest of them, they’re going to go for the kill. They’re going to want to destroy Trump, they’re going to want to destabilize him. I think maybe Hillary is going to fade away. Barack Obama, he’s a young guy, still the leader of an International Socialist Marxist movement, he’s got his own foundation “The Barack Obama Foundation,” that’s already up and running. . .I mean, this guy could be a thorn in the side of Trump for a long time, despite the fact that on Thursday, they’re gonna bring him to the White House, they’re gonna shake hands and smile… What do you think, do you really think they’re going to give Trump a fair shot at running this country?

J.B. Williams:
No. And again, I go back to our book. As you know, it’s 14 chapters, only one is talks about Donald Trump, the Candidate. The other 13 talk about the last 50, 60, 100 years that got us here. The bottom line in the situation of which you’re asking is, first off, they don’t like turning loose of power once they have power, number one. Number two, they’ve spent a HUNDRED YEARS incrementally getting to where they are in the collapse of the United States into a global commune. That’s what this is really all about—and they’re not going to walk away from that just because Donald Trump won the election, last night. They’re gonna regroup, circle around, and find ways to derail everything he’s promised to do, and reset their agenda back at the front of the country at some point. In the meantime, they’re going to play obstructionist, the same things they’ve accused the Republicans of doing in Congress for the last 14 years. They’re now the obstructionist party in Congress. So, no. They’re not going to give him a fair shot to govern, past Thursday (laughs).

The election of Donald Trump amounts to us finally having our own fighter in the ring. Now that we have our own fighter and we’re getting ready to put him in the ring on January 20th, that doesn’t mean that it’s all over; the bell rings and the real fight begins at that point.

It’s really critical that what you do continues, what we do continues and the American people, the Silent Majority who came out and helped us turn this corner, last night—it’s very critical they remain awake, alert and up off the couch and engaged, because Trump is going to need the support of the people to push his agenda.

Cliff Kincaid:
I think as a journalist and media critic of the media, Trump beat the media, he TRUMPED the media. I mean, he withstood everything they had. They had this shock and awe campaign against him and he came out and he won! But the media are still there. One thing we’re going to do at Accuracy in Media, is we’re going to press for those in the media who have been exposed on Wikileaks, secret agents of the Democratic Party, that these people should be gone! They should be fired! They broke the ethics of the journalist profession by taking sides secretly.

I have a column up about this one character at the Washington comPost, we call it, Dana Milbank, who was exposed on one of these Wikileaks emails that John Podesta had gotten, asking Democrats for research help in putting together one of his columns. I mean, he can’t even write his own stuff. He’s not only liberal, he’s lazy. But these people, they’re not going anywhere. They’ll still be there. So we’re going to have to go after them.

I’ve got another column coming out, J.B., identifying those in the Conservative media, who were absolutely wrong about the Trump phenomenon, but were predicting that Trump would destroy the Republican Party, that he would take down the Republican House. I mean people like George Will of the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin of the Washinton Post, these are, quote “Conservatives,” totally against Trump, totally distorted what he represented.
There’s a lot of work we have to do in terms of the media. Of course, that’s what you do, that’s what we do, and we gotta do more of it.

J.B. Williams:
Absolutely. That’s one of the most important things that AIM (Accuracy in Media) can do in the foreseeable future. One of the swamps that has to be drained here IS the media swamp. It has to be drained. I lost some publishers about six years ago, because I refused to remove from a column exposing quote, unquote “Conservative Media Shills,” at the same time I was exposing Leftist Media Shills. The publisher didn’t like that I was exposing Conservative Shills AND Liberal Media Shills, so they wouldn’t print the piece—without me taking that out. And I wouldn’t take that out. You can’t take it out.

Last night, what was most amazing to watch, by Trump’s victory, I saw it months ago, I was not shocked that the media was caught with its pants around its ankles and it was shocked at what was going on. And the reason was simple: The media doesn’t investigate and report news anymore. The answer is really simple: They try to invent and create news. They try to manipulate the dialogue in this country. They don’t listen to what the people think and report it. They try to tell the people what to think, by reporting what they think they should think. And that’s why they missed this so horribly. They weren’t trying to see it. They were trying to make sure no one else could see it. And that’s why they missed it. But one of people I thought looked the worst, last night, in all honesty, was Karl Rove. He’s sitting there on FoxNews, as the returns are coming in, as this Tsunami begins to sweep across the country state-by-state for Trump—and he’s got to get his chalk board out to try to figure out how he can get Trump to lose—even after the votes are over. I mean, nobody looked more foolish than Karl Rove did. For ANYONE to invite that person back on the television screen or a radio interview, at this point is ridiculous. The guy couldn’t have gotten it more wrong if he’d worked at it, around the clock.

Cliff Kincaid:
And I mean, that’s not the first time he’s gotten it wrong. The 2012 election and the coverage of Fox News—Karl Rove, like almost all of Fox News personalities in Obama vs. Romney had predicted a Romney victory. Karl Rove said, “Oh, Romney is going to win…it’s a done deal…he’s gonna win!” You know, he was wrong of course on that…and word leaked out at one of these meetings Rove held with some Republican Donors…this was when Rove was running one of these Republican Party Super PACS, and he was telling Republicans, in general, don’t run against Obama and call him a Socialist—don’t DO that. You know, there’s going to be a backlash to that if you call him a Socialist. You know, this is how this guy plays ball. And that’s of course, how Romney lost, and buttresses your point about Trump being a fighter. Trump—he didn’t shy away from using strong language against not only Hillary, but Obama—and that’s like you say, “He’s the fighter in the ring,” and finally the Republicans have that kind of guy!

J.B. Williams:
Yes. I believe this in life, in general. If you don’t weed your garden, the weeds will take over. The weed doesn’t want to be pulled, it wants to take over the garden. And we have weeds in our lives, sometimes in our families, sometimes in our friendships out there—and certainly, politics is full of weeds. And what is happening—we’re saying “Drain the swamp,” but what we’re really saying is we’re going to have to weed the garden, because the weeds almost took over the garden here. We can’t afford to care about whether the weed wants to be pulled or not. That’s what I think resonated with people with Trump. He didn’t CARE about whether or not the weed wanted to be pulled. It has to be pulled from the garden or we’re not going to have a garden.

One of the unfortunate things in America, over the last hundred years or so, is people have been trained that they have a right not to be offended. That’s not true. None of us have a right to not be offended. What we have to do is speak the truth, whether anyone is offended by it or not. Because without doing that, we can’t weed the garden, there’s be no garden.

You’ve seen buildings that have been built, beautiful buildings and high rises, that in time, once a part of the city went down economically, the weeds and the trees took the building over and reduced it to rubble and returned it back to raw earth again. The weeds HAVE to come out, and we can’t afford to care whether or not the weeds care about it or not.

Cliff Kincaid:
And we’ve got to dig up a lot of weeds. There’s a lot of them out there, believe you me. I’m in the Washington DC area, and I see them up close and personal. There’s a lot of weeds threatening to strangle Trump, even before he becomes officially becomes President. But if anyone can become a weed-eater, it’s him (laughter).

So look, J.B. I always appreciate our conversations, your thoughts, and ladies and gentlemen, J.B. Williams has co-authored the book, TRUMPED: The New American Revolution. He’s also co-founder of the North American Law Center. Go get his book at And this guy, J.B. Williams, he saw it—he wasn’t surprised. He is in touch with the American people. He saw it on the ground. He knew what was coming.

It’s important for you to get books like this, and going to people like J.B. in order to understand what the rest of the media got WRONG. And the rest of the media, these are weeds, they’re not going anywhere. They’re going to stay there, even though they’ve been exposed. Caught, as J.B. said, with their pants down around their ankles. The news standing up there nude, naked, in their liberal bias—they’re going to continue. If they see an opportunity, they’re going to try to destroy Trump. And so will Barack Obama with his Barack Obama Foundation out there in Chicago. So, J.B. again, thanks for coming on the show and good luck to ya!

J.B. Williams:
Thank you, Cliff. I want to say, real quick, I get all of the credit for the book and what’s in it, which I appreciate, but there is a co-writer, Timothy Harrington—and that book couldn’t have been written without Timothy, at all. And in all honesty, Stephen Pidgeon and Barbaray Katay, and others at North American Law Center who’ve done so much research, for so long, that ended up in the book. Otherwise, I could not even have put my name on the book.


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